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Pastoral Care Associate at Varsity Acres Presbyterian Church
15-17 hours a week

The Pastoral Care Associate will play an important role in our overall plan for pastoral and
congregational care. The Pastoral Care Associate will be responsible for visiting homebound and
hospitalized members of our faith community and ensuring that the Minister, Session, and those
responsible for pastoral contact are informed and updated on pastoral concerns. Visibility and
accessibility within the congregation will be important to the work and a presence at worship and
other events will be encouraged.

• Training or background in pastoral care and pastoral theology
• Demonstrated skills in listening and maintaining a compassionate presence
• Ability to maintain clear professional boundaries and attention to self-care
• Willingness to work in an open, inclusive, faith-based context
• Commitment to professional confidentiality and accountability
• Clear understanding of professional and pastoral ethics
• Time management skills with ability to set priorities
• Ability to work self-directed and as a part of a team
• Excellent organizational and communication skills

Click download for the detailed job description.

To Apply: Please submit a letter of interest and resume to

The application deadline is May 26, 2023.