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A Congregation That Cares

Our Commitment

At the last annual meeting, our congregation committed to meet our full allocation for Presbyterians Sharing.  This year our allocation is $36,519.

As in years past, we ran a start of year campaign to address the majority of this allocation early.  This year's campaign was called 'GATHER' which raised 58% of the allocation.

Status - End March

Though the campaign is over, this congregation continues to faithfully support the important work of Presbyterians Sharing.

  • Received: $22,235
  • Outstanding Pledges: $500
  • Campaign Total (Received + Outstanding Pledges): $22,735 | 62% 

We received so many gifts during the Gather Campaign (and many since) - beit money, prayer or support.  Regardless of how your gift is expressed, thank you.

What is Presbyterians Sharing?

Presbyterians Sharing is the national church fund that supports the mission and ministries we do together in Canada and around the world.

Presbyterians are sharing in a wide range of ministries from encouraging and equipping congregational renewal and development, to supporting inner city, native, refugee, urban, remote and chaplaincy ministries in Canada, to sending mission personnel to work with international partners.

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