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In view of the pressing need for support of Kairos and Feed the Hungry in the Winter of our Discontent (the Pandemic), John Hey has been approached by Kairos to register a team (The Coldest Nightcaps) once again for this event, formally at the usual location, “Calgary Downtown”. However, the event itself will be very different this time, our 8th year of participation: there will be no afternoon registration and meeting of the teams at the Eau Claire Market. While most participants will probably only take part ‘virtually’, a small number may walk on the day, provided the team number does not exceed 10 and no two teams gather at the same location. We have chosen Bowness Park as our gathering venue, and plan to cover ca. 5 km in Bowness Park, crossing three foot-bridges as a reminder of our previous annual walks in the city. The chosen meeting time is 10 a.m. at the car park in front of the cafeteria on the Saturday, February 20th. As the team has been registered on-line, others are free to join, but on condition that only up to the first 10 registered will walk on the day. Should you find 10 names in the team already on registering, you become a ‘virtual walker’, please, in order to keep to the rules laid down quite strictly for this event (            

Donations in support of the beneficiaries of the CNOY event will be very gratefully received. Please use the secure link provided on to make donations – a tax certificate will be received promptly for donations of $20 and more. As there will be no central administration to assist us this time with gathering of collections and issuing of receipts on the day of the walk, it would be appreciated if donations are not made in cash or by cheque, but on-line only.            

Walkers will be able to buy refreshments at the cafeteria in Bowness Park after the walk; however, the wearing of masks there is obligatory and these should therefore be brought along on the day.