A Facility for All Needs

Groups Large & Small - VAPC's facility provides opportunities for groups of all sizes (a teacher and a student(s); a small group; a large group; a community event)

One Time Event or Every Week - Are you hosting a family celebration?  Do you need a space for a condo meeting?  Does your sports league need a place to take individual and team photos?  Does your organization need a Northwest satellite office and team meeting space?  Are you interested in providing programmed services to the community?

VAPC is experienced working with folks with varied needs.  Our facility is designed to be functional and flexible to accommodate these varied needs.

Plan Your Event

Whether you are looking for a music studio, a small team meeting room, or you are planning a community event, or even host a concert, VAPC is a great place for you.  Click here to learn more about how to use our facility.

Would you like more information on our facilities?

If you need to attach a document, please send your email to facilities@vapc.ca.

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