Seating - 330 person seating capacity, sloped for increased visibility.

Centre Aisle - Centre aisle for special ceremonies, side aisle for ease of seating large crowds. 

Accessibility - No transitions to access the sanctuary; dedicated space for wheel chair seating; hearing assistance devices available for audience members.

Sound - Fixed microphones at podiums; wireless microphones (headseat and handheld); audio controlled from the sound room; fixed speakers for general audio; hearing assistance devices for individuals with hearing impairment.

Typical Uses

Church services, baptisms, weddings, funerals, music performances, music recitals, theatrical performances, panel discussions, community presentations.

Performance & Production

Choral Performances - 32 person seating capacity in two rows separated at the centre, suitable for four or eight part choirs.

Piano & Organ Accompanyment - Use of instruments requires special permission; three register electronic organ (moveable based on required stage configuration); full grand piano (moveable based on required stage configuration).

Stage Configuration - Can be configured to a single platform to increase the size of the stage.