What Drives Us

When you hear the word stewardship in a church context, your first thought might go to budgets and building programs.  You might also think of careful planning and management for effective use of all gifts (time, money, talents).  While all of these elements are important elements of stewardship, they do not speak properly to what drives us.

 At VAPC, we think about four key interconnected elements that allow us to explore ways of love and justice and use our gifts build stronger, more resilient communities.  The four interconnected elements are:

  • Forming Faith
  • Being Welcoming & Inclusive
  • Being Caring & Compassionate
  • Engaging in Mission and Witness

Faith Engine

Building Blocks

Stewardship looks to identify the building blocks that need to be in place before we can be most effective in each of these elements.  Once the building blocks are identified, we assess what is needed to put them into place, work to build champions in our church and community, then set to the task of making them a reality.

Ideas and Interest

If you have ideas that Stewardship should be considering or you have interest in helping advance the work of stewardship, we would love to hear from you. 

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