Connected by Faith

Staying Connected

Sunday morning volunteer drivers assist in getting seniors to church.  Visits to the housebound, sending cards for support and/or bereavement and maintaining phone contact with individuals is also part of VAPC’s ministry.  

Afternoon Communion

Twice yearly, there is a weekday Afternoon Communion; these services provide worship and a wonderful opportunity for fellowship over refreshments afterwards.   Many volunteers contribute to the success of these services including with food, rides, music, greeting and serving.   

Alzheimer Coffee Break

For over a decade, VAPC has hosted a yearly Alzheimer Coffee Break with a speaker involved with Dementia/Alzheimer’s care. Donations from this event are given to the Alzheimer’s Society of Alberta and NWT.

Side by Side - Caring for Those with Dementia

VAPC began its Side-By-Side program in 2015 as a service to those experiencing dementia and their families.  Volunteers from VAPC and the community run this program each Thursday from 9:45am until 2:00pm.  Click here for Schedule

Those living with dementia enjoy a day of social interaction, fun, music and laughter with a program companion at their side.  Their caregivers receive a few hours of respite.

Learn More About Side - By - Side

Want to Volunteer or Participate?

If you would like to volunteer or would like to get involved, please reach out to us