VAPC's ministry with Children and Youth is supported by the church minister, our Faith Education Coordinator and the Faith Formation Group (FFG), a small group of committed and enthusiastic volunteers. By translating words into actions, FFG strives to offer relevant and fun programs and events in the life of VAPC, responding to the needs of our families and engaging with our community. 

Sunday School -  Participants gather on Sundays to connect and learn, sometimes as a mixed group but often as divided age groups. We currently offer Sunday school programming for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and elementary school children. Sunday school typically breaks down into one class for children in Kindergarten and younger and one class for Elementary children. Contact for more information. Currently youth remain in the service during Sunday worship. 

Youth Group - Programming for youth is determined by the interest in those attending. This is a flexible ministry and events for youth have, in the past, included spiritual studies and discussions as well as offsite activities such as escape rooms, swimming, bowling and retreats. 

Young Adult's Group - VAPC encourages young adult participation within the congregation, with organized and informal events taking place each year to keep the group connected.

Profession of Faith Classes - An opportunity for youth to connect with the minister and mentors to learn about the Presbyterian faith, and in preparation for the possibility of affirming their baptism.

Intergenerational Celebrations - The Faith Formation Group strives to connect members of the congregation through a number of yearly events that are focused on connection and celebration. Some past events have been craft events, board game nights and drop-in community events.