Entry, Foyer & Vestry


Main Entrance - The main entrance is off Varsity Drive NW, with a dedicated drop-off area at the curb.  The main doors equipped with power assist lead into the main foyer where there is ample room to receive people for any event.

Coat Racks - The wall separting the foyer from the Ruby Walker Lounge is used for coat and boot storage (both sides).  

Typical Uses

The foyer is typically used to welcome guests, register participants, form receiving lines or sign guestbooks.

Connected Spaces

Sanctuary - The foyer leads to the sanctuary by means of three sets of double, glass paned doors.

Vestry (Crying Room) - To the left of the sanctuary is the vestry.  This room is an excellent breakout room for an event, and an even better 'crying room' during a performance so attendees can still participate despite a little one making a bit of a fuss.

Ruby Walker Lounge - Behind the coat racks is the Ruby Walker Lounge which is an excellent space for crowds to mill around and visit or grab a cup of coffee.