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John Vooys is a singer/songwriter/choral composer based in Calgary. And , yes, his last name is pronounced like "voice". (Very Fitting!) 

From a young age, John has been composing and playing music; originally as a piano player, but later for guitar and for voice.

He first joined a choir when he was 20 and the art form particularly won him over- nothing makes him feel things quite like voices harmonizing well.

He spent several years arranging works for his own choirs, but thenbegan to write original music - partly because, as he says, he "discovered the complexities of copyright law."

Though his solo work  tends to be a blend of jazz and folk, john has a deep love for the video games of his youth - Sonic The Hedgehog, Final Fantasy and ChronoTrigger in particular - and he is quite pleased when people notice these influences shining through.

When not performing on his own, John is the Associate Director with ARC (Adult Recreational Choir) and leads chapel nusic at Ambrose University.