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VAPC's Start of Year Campaign

Each year, Varsity Acres Presbyterian Church (VAPC) runs a campaign to raise funds in support of Presbyterians Sharing. This year's campaign is called 'Wonder'


Our campaign goal continues to be VAPC's allocation for Presbyterians Sharing.  This year our allocation is $31,722.

Campaign Results (as of Monday, February 13)

  • Received: $13,990
  • Outstanding Pledges: $8,000
  • Campaign Total (Received + Outstanding Pledges): $21,990  |   69%

Your Weekly Video Update

Thank You

VAPC's support of the Wonder Campaign early in the year helps Presbyterians Sharing advance their important work with confidence.  It means a great deal to so many.  Thank you.

What is Presbyterians Sharing?

Presbyterians Sharing

Presbyterians Sharing is the national church fund that supports the mission and ministries we do together in Canada and around the world.

Presbyterians are sharing in a wide range of ministries from encouraging and equipping congregational renewal and development, to supporting inner city, Indigenous, refugee, urban, remote and chaplaincy ministries in Canada, to sending mission personnel to work with international partners.

Presbyterians Sharing Overview

Presbyterians Sharing Thank You

Your Gift

This following information hopefully helps you with your gift to the 2023 Wonder Campaign at VAPC. All gifts will be directed to meeting our Presbyterians Sharing allocation for the year.

Ways to Give

  • Cheque
  • E-Transfer
  • Online Giving
  • Make a Pledge
  • PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance)

The following sections provide some guidance as to how to make a gift.

Giving by Cheque

Cheques are to be made out to "Varsity Acres Presbyterian Church". The memo field should state "Wonder Campaign" and list your envelope number (if you have one).

Example: Wonder Campaign - 172

Giving by E-Transfer

If you have never sent an e-transfer to VAPC using your banking app, you will have to set up VAPC as a new recipient. The following information can be used to set this up.

  • Name: VAPC
  • Email:
  • Notify Recipient By: Email

Prior to sending your e-transfer the message field should state "Wonder Campaign" and list your envelope number (if you have one).

Example: Wonder Campaign - 172

Should you need help setting this up contact the office.

Giving Online

Online giving can be accessed by clicking the button below. In the 'To:' dropdown select 'Presbyterians Sharing' prior to submitting the gift for processing.

Making a Pledge

A pledge is used when you wish to make a gift but will not be able to fulfill this wish during the regular campaign period, but will be able to fulfill this wish by the end of the year (2023).

Examples of when a pledge might be used are:

  • Intention to give a bit every month over the remainder of the calendar year
  • The amount to be given is not available currently but expected to become available through the year at some point
  • Sale of stock to be used as the gift

To initiate a pledge, contact our Envelope Secretary at

NOTE: Please do not make a pledge and then immediately give by another means (cheque, PAR, e-transfer, online). This causes additional work for the Envelope Secretary for she must contact you to ascertain whether the subsequent gift is in addition to the pledged amount.

Giving by PAR (Pre-Approved Remittance)

To complete your gift using monthly debit payments (PAR) across 10 months, please contact our Envelope Secretary at

NOTE:  Setting up PAR is the most complicated way of giving from an administrative perspective.  It involves interface with our envelope secretary, filling out a form, providing a void cheque, and clearly defining monthly amounts and the term for remittances.  PAR is best suited to sustained monthly giving.  People who elect to use this option are looking to simplify their overall giving by having predictable and sustained giving - month-by-month and year-by-year.  People who elect to use this option might consider automatically renewing their PAR contributions to Presbyterians Sharing every year thereby eliminating the administrative effort associated with this way of giving.