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Still More Congratulations!

Like campaigns past, the congregation struggles to stop being generous.  This year's ‘CONNECT’ campaign was focused on extending our mission - ‘One in Christ - Reaching out to Many’ - locally, nationally and internationally.  Continued giving beyond the end of the 'official campaign' has resulted in us reaching 77.6% of our full Presbyterians Sharing allocation, and 87.9% of our Audio/Visual upgrade goal.  Continued congratulations and thank you for your gifts, your prayers of support, your faith in VAPC’s future fulfilling our mission, and your energy and excitement as we continue our work of building better communities. See the detailed results below.

Campaign Results

  • Presbyterians Sharing
    • Received -$19,706
    • Pledged -$4,740 (stock & schedule in 2019)
    • Combined Total -$24,446
      • 77.6% of our Presbyterians Sharing goal
  • Audio/Visual Upgrades
    • Received -$10,069
    • Pledged - $1,560
    • Combined Total -$11,629
      • 87.9% of our Audio/Visual Upgrade goal
  • CONNECT Campaign Total
    • Combined Total -$36,075
      • 80.2% of our total campaign goal

Connect the Dots

  • Locally - Facility Upgrades
    • The small investment VAPC made last year toward establishing a mobile projection capability has proven beneficial to both VAPC and our partner programs
    • Our larger group presentation capability is proving burdensome to both VAPC (in the Sanctuary) and our partner programs (in Scott Hall)
    • With projection upgrades our church increasingly becomes the place where our local community gathers to meet, learn, play, coordinate, collaborate, and build new connections
    • Campaign funds would supplement the existing Audio/Video fund; some directed giving specific to community focused upgrades; and budgeted funds specific to sanctuary upgrades
  • Nationally and Internationally - Presbyterians Sharing
    • Presbyterians Sharing is a National Church program that:
      • Encourages and equips congregational renewal and development
      • Supports inner city, native, refugee and remote ministries in Canada
      • Sends mission personnel to work with international partners
    • In 2018, our congregation committed to provide 70% of what the national church had suggested for VAPC’s contribution - by year end we had provided over 100%
    • By raising this money in a start of year campaign, VAPC has a stable and predictable budget for the balance of 2019 and the work of Presbyterians Sharing extends VAPC’s ‘Reach out to Many’