Greg Smith
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Neighbourhood Spring Clean-Up (11 May)

About 3 dozen people participated: 1/3 from our congregation and 2/3 from the wider community. Community participants were pleased that our congregation is taking an interest in the neighbourhood and that we provided leadership for this activity. We also got an opportunity to talk about our congregation with curious neighbours who were wondering why we were cleaning up their laneway!

Satellite Depot for the Calgary Inter-faith Foodbank

Still haven’t received the final word on this initiative. However, we can report that recently folk from the Foodbank came by to take a second look at our facility as they assure themselves that our space will work for this project. Stay tuned!

Community Conversation 

The Stewardship Group is coordinating a gathering in June of what we have been calling “community leaders”: school principals, social workers, neighbourhood clergy, police, the general manager of the Varsity Community Association and others….people who work in supporting our neighbourhood in diverse ways. This is meant to be a time to learn what neighbourhood needs are—and are not—being met and to explore how collaboration could help us all create a more vibrant, connected and caring neighbourhood. We have representatives from VAPC on tap for this event. We’ll let you know how things go.