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Things are Happening

At our Annual Meeting we asked you the question: “What needs are there in the Varsity community that we could help the community address?” Based on the results of those many group discussions the Stewardship Group is pursuing a few initiatives.  

Neighbourhood Spring Clean-Up

This idea came out of our annual meeting. Imagine motivating a bunch of people in our neighbourhood to come out to pick up trash that has accumulated over the winter? The Varsity Community Association has expressed interest in participating. We will be reaching out to other groups as well to see if we can come together on Saturday May 11th. VAPC will host.  


Bringing Back “Music@Noon” This idea came out of our annual meeting as well. Lots of people enjoyed this program, and it turns out it helps to meet identified needs in the neighbourhood. The Varsity Community Association has published the findings from its 2018 Community Research project that includes “seniors experiencing loneliness” as a need and “music events and performances” as an interest. Are you interested in talking about (and even to help organize) the return of “Music at Noon”? Please sign up in the Narthex and plan to attend an initial discussion on Sunday April 7th following the worship service.  

Conversations with Community Leaders

We’ve commenced initial conversations with various community leaders about the possibility for creating a “community hub” for the Varsity neighbourhood. We have or will be talking with the Varsity Community Association, neighbouring congregations, public schools, local businesses, non-profits and city services. Our goal is to host a meeting this spring of leaders from different groups to discuss the nature, the possibilities and the practicalities of forming a community hub in our neighbourhood.

The Stewardship Group presented this concept at our annual meeting. A community hub “is a place where neighbours gather to help neighbours.” We will let you know how these conversations unfold.  

Satellite Depot for the Calgary Foodbank

Yeah….about that. We obtained information about this program in December and discovered that we have more than a dozen congregants interested in helping with it…and another neighbourhood congregation who could support us in this project as well. We applied in January to become a satellite depot but we have still not received a “yes” or a “no”. We will continue to pursue this possibility.  

So stay tuned... we CONNECT with our neighbourhood and help it connect with itself. If you want to help us with any of these connections just talk to our minister or any member of the Stewardship Group.  

Also, we have created a 'Community Connect' page on our website for further information and resources.


Building a Community Hub in Varsity means we need to better understand the needs in our community and to come up with ideas to address these needs.  Put your community thinking cap on and tell us what you would like to see in Varsity.

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