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Well, wasn’t it just a month ago we had our Annual Meeting? Hmmm. How ‘normal’ has changed in such a short amount of time!

Our finances to the end of February are healthy. Although our expenses are up by 3%, our offerings are up by 3%, as well. And, most of the higher expenses have occurred sooner than budgeted – a timing issue. The net income forecast for 2020 year-end is slightly positive.

Now to March - what do we know so far?

On a high note, the generous gift of $ 80,000 we received in late February has been applied to the building loan principal, reducing the principal to $ 222,000.

Offerings to the end of March are approx. $ 4,300 behind the budget forecast for the month.

Predictably, offerings fell off in the latter half of the month once our church experience went digital.

While our normal habit of placing an envelope in the offering plate is no longer an option, there are other ways to make a donation,

  1. Automatic monthly withdrawal from your bank account (PAR).
  2. Mail a cheque to the church.
  3. Make a donation online –
  4. Contribute via an e-transfer.

The table provides a quick summary for your consideration; for more information, go to the VAPC website and/or contact the email addresses below.


Consider …

Cost to you

VAPC receives

For more information

Automatic Withdrawal

Convenient; one-time set-up


100% of withdrawal


Cheque in mail

Mail delivery in uncertain times;

church closed

Cost of a cheque & stamp


100% of cheque



Online donation


Convenient; one-time set-up

2.9% of amount + $ 0.30 per transaction if you cover the fees

less than 100% of donation if you do not cover the fees


VAPC website



Arrange for transfer each time

Cost of e-transfer


100% of transfer















One final note: for Pre-Authorized Remittances (PAR), withdrawals are made on the 20th of each month. To register for April, the Envelope Secretary requires your application for PAR by April 7. The link to the application form for PAR is found on the VAPC website.

With your continued support and patience, your Board of Managers is confident that 2020 will be a financial success.

Finance Committee