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You have likely heard by now that last night a bullet came through one of our sanctuary windows. Everything is fine and we are very fortunate that no one was hurt.

Last evening the whole of our building was busy, with the CALL group meeting in the sanctuary. The incident was initially disturbing for people but they quickly calmed. The police responded rapidly to the call, did a thorough investigation and pronounced our situation "all clear." With that, activities simply they have been this morning.

We are located in a safe neighbourhood and have an excellent reputation in our neighbourhood. We have received no threats and have no indication at all that our building was targeted purposefully or maliciously.  According to the police it is all a mystery.

So it appears that this is now an interesting anecdote in our history...and activities last night and today show that VAPC carries on carrying on.

Please take a moment to offer a prayer to God expressing gratitude that no one was hurt.

See you Sunday

Rev. Peter