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A Focus on the Future

So much has occurred in the last months figuring out how to carry-on in this moment of Covid-19. While we all learned new protocols, practised new skills, and found new ways to worship and stay connected, the Session did not lose sight of the big picture -- more specifically, the future of our church. Discernment regarding the future is particularly important as we begin the search process and will helps ensure strong alignment between the congregation and prospective ministers. The session has captured its initial thinking in a statement called 'Vision for the Future of VAPC' found at the end of this post.

Your Voice - Our Future

A strong vision that drives our future decisions and actions, requires broad consideration and input from many with diverse experience and perspective. VAPC voices are needed. Session asked Glenn Stewart from Stewardship to set-up and moderate a discussion on this vision.  


  • When: Thursday, July 9 at 7:00pm
  • Using: Google Meets online video call


Vision for the Future of VAPC

Core to our congregation’s sense of Christian community is the value of caring for others. Care, to us, is

  • welcoming, hospitable and compassionate.
  • open, respectful and inclusive to all.
  • meeting needs with timeliness, kindness, relevance and generosity.

We believe expressing love to others is one way we express our love for God, for we are called to do
both (Luke 10:27). Care has been central to our congregation’s identity since its early days. Moving
forward, we wish to develop as a missional congregation with care at its core.
Within the congregation, care can and will take many forms. Moving forward, our goals are to:

  • become even more intentional and pro-active in welcoming the stranger, helping new
    relationships grow into close and meaningful ones.
  • recognize, celebrate and be inclusive of cultural differences that newcomers to Canada bring to
    our congregation.
  • foster faith development in people of all ages, since in caring, we desire that people know “the
    fullness of God” (Ephesians 3:19).
  • increase congregational activities to meet growing needs among people of all ages.
  • develop networks of care, through formal structures and informal individual habits.

We will express care in the wider neighbourhood. As a missional congregation we will give witness to
Christ through our acts of care, both in word and deed (1 Peter 2: 9 - 12). Moving forward, our goals are to:

  • add to the issues and needs that we feel passion and compassion for, responding with relevance
    and by using our unique resources.
  • develop further as a community hub, as a welcoming and safe place for the community to
  • meet neighbourhood needs collaboratively, through growing partnerships with other
    neighbourhood organizations, so strength can be added to strength.