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Surprise, Amazement, Awe, Joy

However we define our sense of wonder, its power to awaken us to the marvels and majesty of our world is remarkable.  Sometimes we just stumble upon a moment that sparks wonder.  But did you know that you can cultivate your sense of wonder?

We can mindfully look for the marvels and majesty around us.  Or perhaps, we can see these in the actions of others.  Sometimes if we change our perspective or context we can see a something anew.


Tell Us What Sparks Wonder in You

As part of the Wonder Campaign we are interested to know what sparks wonder in you.  Drop us an email.  Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • A single word email
    • Snowflakes!
  • A bit more of an explanation
    • I wonder how artists can translate what is in their mind's eye to the placing of brush strokes on a canvas.
  • Maybe a picture tells the whole story
    • There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on earth!
  • Or you can send us a short video clip telling us in your own words.


Let's Get Started

Tell us what sparks your wonder by clicking on the button below or sending an email to


How VAPC Will Use These 'Sparking Wonder' Submissions

As the Wonder Campaign progresses we will be communicating and display the various ways wonder is sparked among the congregation.  This will be done in the following manner:

  • Window Cards
    • Each week look for 'Sparking Wonder' cards placed on the side windows of the sanctuary.  These cards will display the anonymized words, explanations and images submitted
  • Weekly Campaign Newsletter
    • Look for the week's latest 'Sparking Wonder' list.  This list will display the anonymized words, explanations and images submitted.  Submitted videos will be uploaded to our YouTube channel as 'Unlisted' which means they are not visible to the general public.  We can link to these videos in the weekly campaign newsletter as the distribution is controlled within the VAPC community.
  • Sunday Worship Service
    • During the weekly update within the worship service, reference might be made to the anonymized words, explanations and images submitted.  Where a submitted video is used, we will secure the submitter's formal permission prior to inclusion of the video in the worship service (as these are publically available on our YouTube channel).