Peter Coutts
April 29, 2018
Peter Coutts


Psalm 69, Psalm 86
Where is God... When I'm Feeling Down?

Acedia may be an unfamiliar word....

but that does not mean it has no relevance for contemporary readers. The standard dictionary definitions of acedia as “apathy”, “boredom”, or “torpor” do not begin to cover it. At its Greek root, the word acedia means the absence of care. The person afflicted by acedia refuses to care or is incapable of doing so. When life becomes too challenging and engagement with others too demanding, acedia offers a kind of spiritual morphine: you know the pain is there, yet can’t rouse yourself to give a damn.

We will hear a few excerpts from the book "Acedia and Me" written by Kathleen Norris. 

Listen to the sermon (starts at 0:31:45) or download the worship service documents above.