Community Hub

Building Connections in Our Community

More Than a Church

VAPC stands for Varsity Acres Presbyterian Church. While we host church specific services and programming, we consider the facility as an important part of our outreach into the community.

Community Hub

We are supporters of the Calgary Community Hubs Initiative where and are committed to building strong, supportive, and inclusive communities. Because where we live matters. 

Some examples of VAPC initiatives include:

  • Side-by-Side - Working with individuals living with dementia
  • ESL Programs - Both VAPC lead and Calgary Immigrant Women Association (CIWA) lead English as a Second Language (ESL) programs to support new immigrants
  • Hosting Support Organizations -  VAPC hosts a number of great organization focused on building stronger communities.  These involve programs like: Alcoholics Anonymous; Gambling Anonymous, TOPS weight loss program
  • Hosting For Profit Social Enterprises - VAPC hosts a pre-school service provider helping families in the community find safe, nurturing care for their little ones.  
  • Partners & Programs


For a more complete listing please look under the 'Partners & Programs' section, click here.